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Cozy bear at the lob


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On Wednesday April 25th my childcare children an I went to the Legislative Office Building to speak to Senators on the Bill that would force me and other like to to join a union. H.B. 5312. The First Senator we saw as Senator Gomes from Bridgeport. This is what he said "I don't want to speak to you!" and he turned and walked away. Wow! Is this how our elected officials are to behave in front of children? Not nice Sir! Not nice at all..... By the end of the day the children didn't remember the fresh man that yelled, they only remembered the coloring book they received from 2 others. This is a bill that will force other providers to join a union when 74% do not want to. Now the union will tell you that this is voluntary but I ask you if that were true, then why would they make you pay non-member mandatory agency fee?


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