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Merry Oaks

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12-15 years ago, I called public wiorks to come out and clean the debris from the creek that runs under my driveway.
As they cleaned 5-7 truckloads away, they scooped out the dirt and rocks and the wall my husband was building.
They told me not to worry, they would rebuild the bridge and fix it so we wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.
After numerous phone calls, and empty promises, they(public works) said that they couldn't legally fix the problem.
So, here we are.
The storm of May 2010 brought more grief. The dirt from both sides of the driveway was eroded, there were huge logs washed atop the bridge.
One more storm like that, 5-15 inches of rain, and my house will be in the creek.
We've contacted the mayor's office, and anyone else who would listen, but to no avail.
HELP!! if you can.


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