Pinellas County PLUS

Pinellas County (ex-St. Pete)

Open Issues: 12 Closed Issues: 2,246 Acknowledged Issues: 455
  • Code Violation? Acknowledged
    2666 Megan Ct Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor

    1035 CR 90, Palm Harbor Fl 34684. Numerous vehicles are parked on the front lawn of this address including a large RV, monster truck on a trailer, a boat and other stuff. This is a real eyesore and has been there for a long time.

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  • 27205 Us Highway 19 North Clearwater, FL 33761, USA - Clearwater

    Exit ramp/ service road near Sears/Whole Foods. Overhead lane signs confusing because you can't tell which lanes they refer to (left turn only and left/straight). There are 5 lanes but 2 signs. Request additional signs, or add more painted pavement signs in the lanes, starting farther back. Thanks.

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  • Codes Compliance Acknowledged
    5995 7th Ave S Gulfport, Florida - Gulfport

    This house has beer cans and trash in the yard weekly

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  • Road Issue Acknowledged
    2401-2409 Main Street Clearwater, Florida - Pinellas County

    with the closing of Countryside Road exit, the backup to exit on NB 580 is extreme. Cars are dead stopped all the way out on US19. It's unsafe and an accident waiting to happen. You have to adjust the light to accommodate all the additional cars trying to exit. 5pm 12/12 and 5pm 12/11.

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  • 36005 East Lake Rd S Palm Harbor, Florida - East Lake

    Traffic light does not stay green long e nought fo r north bound traffic of Mullen booth rd to catch up and traffic backs up all the way to tampa rd after the light at landsbrook traffic flows

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  • Starkey Rd & Flame Vine Ave Clearwater, Florida - US Congressional District FL10

    Crosswalk button may be jammed on. Crosswalk timer activates with each light change at all hours of the day regardless of whether anyone is there or not. Also light changes are more frequent.

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  • 7035-7199 Us Highway 19 N Pinellas Park, Florida - Pinellas Park

    Please review the traffic flow and the timing of the lights between 62nd ave and gandy. The congestion is getting really bad where you are have to sit through 2 or 3 cycles at the lights causing extreme back ups.

    This happens both north and south bound .

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  • 445 Delmar Ter S. St. Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg

    Speed hump sign down across from 445 Delmar Ter S.

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  • 35691 Us Highway 19 North Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor

    The two red lights and the red arrow pointing south. Motorists are turning on the red arrow, now waiting for the green arrow. I saw many times accidents could occur. I suggest a county sheriff be nearby to ticket these violations. The same thing occurs when going west and crossing US19, They turn on the red arrow.

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  • Other Acknowledged
    2000-2024 North Hercules Avenue Clearwater, FL 33763, USA - Clearwater

    Standing water every time it rains. Floods sidewalk, does not drain into grass drainage ditch. NW & SW intersection corners.

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  • Frontage Rd & U.S. 19 Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater

    I see the city,state,county really cares.. I have now reported this back up onto US 19 at SR580 numerous times.

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  • Animal related Acknowledged
    10375 60th Street Pinellas Park, FL 33782, USA - US Congressional District FL10

    There is ONE young horse on the farm premises which appears to be subsisting on winter grass growing on the property and nothing more. The grass seems limited and the horse is "ribby" looking. Is a horse owner required to provide hay or grain?

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