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  • Other Acknowledged
    3246 19th St N St. Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg

    yard parking front yard. tag on Red Truck is BFI A27 usually up to 3 or more cars parking in grass during different times. Yard is a mess.

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  • 206 Seminole Blvd Largo, Florida - Largo

    Traffic signs need to be updated. Cant hardly read these from a distance. The signs are on Seminole Blvd when driving North.

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  • Other Acknowledged
    417 Florida 687 St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - St. Petersburg

    All Street lights out on south side of 4th ave s between 3rd and 4th streets.

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  • Yard Parking Acknowledged
    911 29th St N St Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg

    Resident is parking in front yard

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  • Traffic Acknowledged
    7237 Darien Way Clearwater, Florida - US Congressional District FL10

    Darien way and Bedford circle west in Newport subdivision needs a raised intersection or police it unsafe for residents also the speeding on darien way between Newport rd and Bedford cr w. needs to be addressed

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  • Code Violation? Acknowledged
    2666 Megan Ct Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor

    1035 CR 90, Palm Harbor Fl 34684. Numerous vehicles are parked on the front lawn of this address including a large RV, monster truck on a trailer, a boat and other stuff. This is a real eyesore and has been there for a long time.

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  • Codes Compliance Acknowledged
    5995 7th Ave S Gulfport, Florida - Gulfport

    This house has beer cans and trash in the yard weekly

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  • Codes Compliance Acknowledged
    300 60th Avenue S St. Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg

    There is presently an extremely large commercial vehicle that measures at least 20 feet that sells food out of the truck. The vehicle is now parking in the driveway of the house located at 300 60th Avenue South. This vehicle was parking on 60th Avenue South. I called the nonemergency number for the police a few times and now this commercial vehicle is parking in the driveway of the residence. This commercial vehicle makes an extremely loud humming sound (a generator or something) during various times of the day.

    This commercial vehicle is an eyesore in the neighborhood and the extremely loud humming sound is extremely annoying.

    Aren't there city codes against this?
    Also, what about the noise pollution?

    Please see my notes below.

    10/30 - I called Code Compliance & spoke w/Lorraine. She opened case # 14-22980 and it was assigned to Jeannie Dunn.

    11/6 - I called and spoke w/Lorraine to get status on my case. The inspector went out on 11/5 and the truck wasn't there. I advised that it was out there this morning and it was extremely loud. The inspector is going to go back out on 11/8.

    11/10 - I called & spoke w/Lorraine to get status on my case and the case was closed. Supposedly, the inspector went out there on Saturday and the vehicle wasn't there. I advised that the vehicle was there parked in the driveway on Saturday and Sunday. The generator on the vehicle and was extremely loud on Sunday. She transferred me to Mike Bose/supervisor. I left Mike a detailed message regarding this nonsense.

    I never received a call back from Mike Bose.

    Any assistance that you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.


    Kim Rankine

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  • 27205 Us Highway 19 North Clearwater, FL 33761, USA - Clearwater

    Exit ramp/ service road near Sears/Whole Foods. Overhead lane signs confusing because you can't tell which lanes they refer to (left turn only and left/straight). There are 5 lanes but 2 signs. Request additional signs, or add more painted pavement signs in the lanes, starting farther back. Thanks.

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  • Road Issue Acknowledged
    2401-2409 Main Street Clearwater, Florida - Pinellas County

    with the closing of Countryside Road exit, the backup to exit on NB 580 is extreme. Cars are dead stopped all the way out on US19. It's unsafe and an accident waiting to happen. You have to adjust the light to accommodate all the additional cars trying to exit. 5pm 12/12 and 5pm 12/11.

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  • Other Acknowledged
    216 50th Terr N St Petetsburg, Fl 33703 - St. Petersburg

    Neighbor has attached lattice to our existing fence making any future repairs impossible.

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  • Tampa Road And East Lake Road Palm Harbor/ Pinellas, Florida - East Lake

    I drive home this wayand the last two days 11/17 and 11/18 a 5 minute ride took 30 minutes. after the traffic light there is no traffic issues. the light timing is off

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