Issues: bike concern

  • tent city with a pile of (stolen?) bikes visible from metro north Archived

    Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike Fairfield, CT
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  • sidewalk needs to be widened Archived

    7 Calf Pasture Beach Rd Norwalk, CT 06855, USA
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      David Marcus (Registered User)

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      Closed E (Registered User)

  • Speeding traffic makes bridge hazardous for cyclists and pedestirans Open

    Kimberly Avenue Bridge Between West Haven And New Haven
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      CFFCChrisTreat (Registered User)

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      DOT don't mess it up - again (Guest)

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      Karen Nakamura (Registered User)

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      Doug Hausladen, Director of Transportation (Verified Official)

  • Gap in Pavement Archived

    5621-5639 Marsh Rd Haslett, MI 48840, USA
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  • No Angle Parking [was issue #94054] Open

    2000 Block Of Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA
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  • Bottleneck hazard Archived

    E Circle Dr East Lansing, MI 00
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      Tim Potter (Guest)

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      Closed AndWeReWalking (Registered User)

  • Bike parking needed at Jackson Square Archived

    77 James St N Hamilton, ON L8R, Canada
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  • 2 dangerous sewer grates below rail bridge Archived

    84 Walnut St S Hamilton, ON L8N 2L3, Canada
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  • 3 dangerous sewer grates at one intersection Archived

    Locke And Hunter Hamilton, ON
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  • Bike parking needed at HWCDSB head office Archived

    44 Hunt Hamilton, ON
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